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Woodworking level 2 – Wood Turning:

In woodworking, students learn about the different types of woodworking machines like jigsaw, woodturning, drilling, and sanding. At the end of each session, they will leave home with a finished product of their own making.

During woodworking sessions, students will learn:

  • How to assemble and fix the different machines
  • How to explore the different parts that constitute every type of machine
  • How to solve problems they might encounter while working


students in this level will learn how to work on the woodturning machine to make their own pen, candle holder, or home decoration.


Skills acquired:

  • Enhance imagination and coordination between creativity and handcraft. It is a challenging application for new users to think how to bring their 3D shape while working
  • Learning how to assemble and fix the woodturning machine and getting familiar with different parts needed to build it
  • Learn about different ways of fixing parts on the woodturning depending on the application
  • Another way of sanding is presented